😇 TRY IT OUT: HTC Vive (Various FeelVR HUBS)

Let's try out the HTC Vive for just a small fee! We got some great games in our Steam library. Whenever you are a artsy person, like zombies or horror experiences we have it all. Tabletop simulator, poolIt's even possible doing a versus with your (boy/girl) friend. We got various experiences, from meditation, to a flashback themed game. Total 360 immersion! You can see all the games/experiences we offer at these links: Games/experiences Even more games/experiences! more then 1400+! choices Let's make new VR contacts with our little community. First timer? Starting with: - The photogrammetry demo of Iceland that's a still image, "The Blu" gives you movement and scale- After that, Job Sim to start understand interactions.- And depending on your aptitude and familiarity with gaming, we choose from Space Pirate/Ninja or Hover Junkers, this gives you a layer of interaction one at a time. Pushing the interactivity using an objective based experience to bring out the fun and physicality of VR. Currently only in (our 'mini arcade halls'): Oss (also ideal if you are living in Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Nijmegen) When you want we can also record your experience (with your reactions) You can also buy jewelry at our location in Oss! And pay via PIN