❤ Personal public-Speaker: Book Danielle (Transbeauty)

Danielle is an inspiring public speaker that loves interaction and speaks in an humourfull, personal and entertaining way. Be blown away and never forget the public speak Currently she speaks about: Creativity (how to expand and manage it)Branding (how to do it the right way)Gamification & VideogamesHappinessVirtual RealityTrends & innovation (and future developments)Genderdysphory (being happy in your own body) The quantity is the amount of hours you want (for example '3x Creativity' means 3 hours)We will give you a link to Setmore afterwards, where you can select a precise date and time. We will also record the presentation when you want. Danielle once did a presentation where she was a schizophrenic person in this way she totally interacted with the Prezi presentation. She also used lots of humour and used various Gameboy colours to make a point about humanity and the way they interact with others. A year later everyone still found it one of the best presentations they saw. Don't forget to also see TheLifeShow You as booker get's a free 'Everything will be ok' watch or a luck bracelet Webinars are also possible! Person to person speaking! Danielle does freestyle public speaking. Danielle her service area for speaking is: The Netherlands